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Home Grape Juice Orders 11L - Germany Juice Riesling
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Item Code : juice-orders-germany-riesling
Regular Price : $75.00
Quantity :
Ship weight : 25.00

RIESLING - Since the late nineteenth century, German Riesling has been as highly prized as one of the most notable varieties out of Germany. Our pure fresh grape juices from Rheinhessen could claim to be the finest white grape variety in the world. The finished wine is notable for its powerful, red rapier like aroma described as flowery, steely, honeyed etc., etc. Enough description, make it you will love it. Reserve your order here!

GERMANY - Germans consume about 22.8 L of wine per person per year. Germany has a population of approximately 80 million inhabitants. The country produces about 13.4 million hecolitres (352 million gallons), of wine, per year!

The European Juices (Premium Quality, hard to get) The 100 % pure fresh vinifera grape juices from Europe come packed in 11 L (Approx. 3gal) sterile plastic canister. Our juices are NOT concentrated!! In addition our juices are not 'desulphides' . They are not made from highly sulphitated juices (1200 ppm of sulphur and higher), deadly to the main ingredients in the grape juice. Our juice produces a professional quality wine that is full bodied, with an enhanced nose and bouquet that no other home winemaking product can achieve. The pure juices contain 2-3% solids depending on the variety. We strive to obtain all of our European pure fresh grape juices from suppliers who practice natural farming techniques. Our customers' favourable response to the quality of this product allows us to offer complete satisfaction. Granted our juices are a little more expensive (see PRICES), but many of our competitors are so bent on driving the price lower, that when it comes to the consumer, they squeeze the quality out. The shelf life of our 100% natural vinifera juice is a minimum of twelve months at a storage temp below 5 C or 40 F. Once again, we do not sell concentrates and our pure juices are a superior home winemaking product. Try it out and you will find that it is a tough competitor to the Chilean and California Seasonal Juices and may find it to be a good fill outside of the Chilean and California Wine making season.

European vinifera grape juice varieties offered are subject to availability at point of origin during harvest season and quantities left in stock. Lalvin EC 1118 is recommended for our juice products. We also highly recommend purchasing 2 containers to make 5 gallons of wine. This will yield approx 28 750ml bottles of wine.

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