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Rubino's take home the medal again this year at Wine Maker Magazines 2008 Competition. 2 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze medals were awarded in several catagories.
Rubino's Homemade Wine & Beer Supply
Participates & competes yearly in Wine Maker Magazine's Annual Wine Making Competition the month of April.

In 2007's Wine Maker competition Rubino's Won two Awards. A Silver Medal was awarded for their 2005 Vintage Blackberry Merlot and a Bronze for their 2006 Vinefera Red Wine. In 2007 1 Bronze and 1 Silver was obtained by Tom Rubino. In 2006 Wine Maker competition Greg Foster, (Amateur Wine Maker for Rubino's) entered two of his finest wines produced using Rubino's "En Primeur" Italian Amarone and Australian Shiraz signature series wine making ingredient kits by RJ Spagnols. En Primeur is a super premium wine kit with 100% varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards. Foster stated it cost him $45 to $60 for a good bottle of Italian Amarone in the Liquor Store. Now, he makes his own for $4 to $5 including the juice, bottles, corks and labels with his own name on it! Rubino's products are available on-line at www.makewinebeer.com or from Rubino's retail locations in Columbus, New Jersey and Ashes to Ashes Cigar and Smoke Shop located in Bordentown, New Jersey. If you like to drink wine, Rubino's has the necessary equipment and ingredients to produce your favorite wines and provides onsite training. Each kit produces 30 750ml bottles of wine!

11/27/2011 *** Homebrewers, beginners and experienced *** Rubino's Columbus Homebrew in the Columbus Farmers Market (located in Columbus, NJ) has totally re-vamped thier store and redesigned it to provide a better service to the Homebrewer community by providing quality products in regards to equipment, supplies and fresh ingredients. Cornelious Kegs, rechargers and CO2 cartridges are now available, Party Pigs and supplies, Immersion Wort Chillers, Milling Equipment, fully stocked variety of HOPS, Dry and Liquid Malts, Whole and Crushed Grains with Milling done onsite. Brewers Yeasts are refrigerated, Dry Yeasts (Coopers, Lalvin, Muntons, Nottingham, Safale US-05 and Windsor), Wyeast Liquid Yeast (Slap Packs), and White Labs Liquid Yeast). Customers were asked "what improvements could be made" to make it a great experience and a place they would always come to for Homebrew Supplies and Rubino's Listened and followed through! In addition to the improvements, they are fully stocked with a complete variety of Brewers Best 5 Gallon Ingredient kits and to fill in what Brewers Best doesn't supply, you can get from their available True Brew 5 Gallon ingredient kits. This option provides a fully rounded variety of 5 Gallon Ingredient Kits. In addition, you can also obtain Brew House 6 Gallon beer kits. Not to mention, you can now get LOCAL HONEY by the pound for your own use or for MEAD making!!! You can't miss now! Rubino's has it all and has been inviting new and existing customers to come to their establishment on Fridays to take advantage of their Fabulous Friday's (10% off your entire order) sale! They want to hear your ideas too! Mention this news thread when you come in.
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